Dimensional Letters & Logos

Our Dimensional Letters & Logos come with lifetime guarantee from chipping, cracking, and fading. Should it happen we will replace the product at not charge.  Great for indoor and outdoor use except for display letters which are recommended for indoor use.

Choose from a large selection of standard colors and standard font sizes.  Custom color matching and custom fonts available as well.  

  • Cast Metal - Flat Cut Metal and Fabricated Metal (Great for LED backlighting)
  • Formed Plastic  - Available in Flat, Round or Prismatic Face
  • Fabricated Metal - Great for LED backlighting
  • Minnesota Letters  - Crisp edges
  • Laser cut acrylic - Smooth laser cut edges  
  • Display Letters and Logos - Indoor Use
  • GEMLITE letters with LED illumination

When choosing dimensional letters and logos there are a lot of custom options such as size, thickness, cutouts, color, mounting options etc.... Our sales team will work with you and help you choose the best product for your needs. 

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Dimensional Letters